SHARI(Vinegared rice for Sushi)
The taste of Sushi depends mostly on how to cook SHARI properly. When you eat good SHARI, you feel pieces of rices are loosen in your mouth, and it requires special skill to make a good SAHRI.
URAETEI installs the latest automatic SHARI-processing devices which can processs 3600 pieces of SHARI in an hour.
We can process SHARI without touching them by hand, so that those are untibacterial, Also ever SHARI has an professional quality.Our SHARI is delicious even if you eat only SHARI.



“Irasshaimase !”
First of all , you will hear the cheerful voice when you enter Sushi Uraetei.
We also keep respond with smile in our mind when we respond to customers.
This is a hospitality culture in Japan , and put in our thought that customer’s meal will be fun.
We would like you to feel that Japanese manager educate and manage to every staff.



Sushi is very simple but delicate food.
In order to serve you safe and fresh Sushi, especially we cook Raw Fish, CLEANNESS and FRESHNESS are the most important concern for us.
The interior of Restaurant Sushi URAETEI, planned by Japanese architectural designer, gives you a feeling of cleanliness and confortability, in addition, you can feel “WA(Japanese)” taste everywhere in our restaurant.
We offer you a very special occasion and delicious Sushi you have never tried.



Do you have any image that SUSHI( Japanese food ) is very expensive?
It is the goal of us to change the image of you.
We want you to have Sushi casually and fun like the old days of Japan.
“We would like come again because sticking to materials and delicious so much and reasonable price.”
We will build such restaurant.